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Friday 27 March

posted 26 Mar 2015, 19:43 by Teora Jennings
Board Gaming At NNC
If you know who "Darth Vader" is, know who married Luke Sky walker or you've ever tried to open automatic doors with "the power of the Force", then perhaps this is for you. A small dedicated crew (led by the clearly mad Mr. Logan) meet every Tuesday lunchtime and Friday lunchtime to play the Star Wars Miniatures board game, and they are keen to grow the game. If you think you are into this, you may either need to see a counselor, or come to AT7 on Tuesday or Friday lunchtime and get shown the game. See LO for details... and may the force be with you.

Netball Trials
Due to Volleyball finals and Touch finals on Tuesday afternoon, Senior girls trials have been postponed.
Junior trials will be held in the big gym after school on Wednesday.1st April

Mufti Day
Mufti day will be on Wednesday the 1st April. Clothing must be appropriate for school. Gold coin donation please, prefects will collect at LAR time. All proceeds will go to help Vanuatu. Thank you for your kind donation.

Te Papa Easter Weekend
International meccano Easter weekend Friday 3rd to Monday 6th April FREE ADMISSION. Pop in to see NZ's most impressive meccano model displays, build a model and take it home. Year 9 or 10's would appreciate this but all welcome, plenty of spot prizes

Russell Mc Veagh Mentoring Programme
Starting early in Term 2. Russell McVeagh is one of the biggest law firms in NZ and they offer 22 of our Year 12 and 13 students the opportunity to meet some of their young lawyers. The programme only has 6 meetings a year - 4 in Wellington and 2 at NNC on Tuesdays after school. You travel into Wgtn on the train ready to start at 4.30pm and will be returned home in a shuttle taxi. This programme is for students who are determined to succeed and have set themselves high goals - it is open to students with any career goal not just law. Please come and get an application form from the Careers Office - application forms must be handed in by Mon 30 March

Emergency Management Meeting
There will be a one week course in the holidays - 13 to 17 April - in Upper Hutt learning emergency response skills and risk awareness.. You will also gain communication, team building and leadership skills and gain lots of credits at level 2. This course is useful if you want to join the police, armed services, civil defence or just want it to look good on your cv. See Ms Burton or Mrs Wilton in the Careers Office. for an application form

Special Assembly For Year 13
There will be a special assembly with a presentation from an outside speaker next Tues 31 March.