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Tuesday 18th February

posted 16 Feb 2014, 18:45 by Teora Jennings
Manu Korero Speech competition
ALL students that are interested in competing or want information about Manu Korero, please go to Room 2 Wednesday at the beginning of lunch. It is open for speakers of Te Reo and for any Maori student that can do a speech in English. If you cannot make this meeting then please see Miss Nippert or Matua BEFORE Wednesday, otherwise if you do not show up to this meeting then you won't be able to participate. 
Nau mai, haere mai.

Clothing & Shoes Found In Gym
2 new school jerseys. One is size 44 with no name and the other has "Basire" on the label
Grey/ lime green gym shoes. 2 pairs of new school shoes size 6 and size 7; 1 pair of black school shoes with no inner sole. Grey new balance gym shoes. Collect from the sports office at morning tea or lunchtime.

Student ID
Students who wish to order a Student ID Card are required to pay $8 first. 
Process for payment of Student ID Card
Please write your name, form class & amount clearly on the front of envelope provided, with your $8.
Please give correct money as no change will be given. Drop off envelope to the drop box in the student centre. Last day for payment Friday 28th February 2014. Completed ID cards will be given to your whanau head for distribution.

Breakfast Club
Every morning in the student cafe, 40 minutes before school starts, we have a Breakfast Club. It's good to start your fantastic learning day with a full tummy. See you there!

School Athletics - 25th Feb
Athletic entries for our school athletics will be taken this week. For junior classes it will be done in your PE class, senior students during LAR time.

This is for the more 'competitive' athletes hoping to go onto the Hutt Valley and Regional, but we encourage all students who think they're quite good at running, jumping and throwing to enter. Whanau points will be awarded to those who place, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each event. All competitors must wear correct PE gear. 
For senior students if you don't have any, borrow some.

Please note the 3000m will be run on Monday 24th during period 3.