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Setting up the Kamar App - For Both Staff and Parents

The Process for setting up the Kamar App is the same on both Android and iPhone. 

The Following steps will go through what to enter to get the Kamar App to log into the Naenae College Portal.

Step 1. Download the App

Open the App Store for your platform, search for Kamar and download the Kamar App. The App Icon will look similar to this
Kamar Icon

Step 2. Opening the Kamar App for the First Time

Open the App and accept any warnings that may pop up about notifications. If this is the first time you have opened the Kamar App then you will be taken straight to the Settings page.

Step 3. Creating the Profile

To start creating the Profile click either the + icon (this might be different on an android phone, or the Default line.

Step 4. Adding the information

The first thing to do is Enter a name for the Profile.
For Staff it is best to enter the school name
For Parents is is best to enter your child's name

Enter the Portal Address Next, it is

Enter your username

Enter your password 

Click Save

Once you click Save, you will be taken back to the settings screen, click on the back arrow and you will be taken to the log in screen

For parents: You will be entering your students username and the Primary/Secondary Password given to you.

Step 5. Log In

At this stage you should see the School Crest show up for the Profile selected.
You can now click the Logon button and you will be logged in.