Career Pathways


NCEA LEVEL 1,2 & 3


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: By application with a good attendance and behaviour record

ASSESSMENT: Levels 1, 2 & 3 Achievement & Unit Standards

COURSE COST: Services uniform purchase
TOTAL CREDITS: Entirely internally assessed with at least 30 core credits available


The Services Academy is underpinned by a military philosophy of discipline and structured learning. Every year students will attend the Induction Camp at Waiouru Military Camp where they will gain insight into military careers and participate with other Academies to complete basic drill, leadership and physical assessments towards NCEA.

Services Academy occupies two lines of the timetable and students will be required to select only three other subjects. These should complement the post-secondary aspirations of students and align with career goals consistent with the underpinning values of discipline and service.

Students are assessed against (but not limited to) the range of core standards listed below where they are appropriate to their current NCEA Level and their aptitude. 


NCEA LEVEL 1,2 & 3


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Application and interview with HOD careers

ASSESSMENT: Levels 1, 2 & 3 Unit Standards

COURSE COST: Nil. All travel costs and safety gear provided
TOTAL CREDITS: >14 credits


Gateway gives students the opportunity to strengthen the pathway from school to the workplace by spending one day a week for part of the year at work on a structured learning programme. Gateway is recommended for reliable, responsible students who plan to finish school at the end of the year and have a definite career goal. More unit standards from the student’s chosen industry are achieved in Terms 2, 3 and 4. Students must have a career goal and be able to demonstrate a strong interest in their chosen work area, e.g. retailing, hairdressing, building, automotive, mechanical engineering, childcare, electrical or catering. Entry into Gateway is initially by application form in Term 4 and then all students are interviewed before the end of the year.




ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: NCEA Level 1 (or close to 60 credits)

ASSESSMENT: Level 2 Unit Standards
COURSE COST: Supported transport options will be provided to Whitireia and Weltec
TOTAL CREDITS: Up to 40 credits


Trades Academy Do you want to stay at school, but try something different? Trades Academy lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Enjoy the benefit of staying at secondary school while learning new skills at Trades Academy. Wellington Trades Academy partners with local secondary schools, Weltec and Whitiriea to provide year-long training programmes that allow you to achieve NCEA Level 2 and get ready for employment or higher level studies. How it works

  • Experience a different way of learning.
  • Earn NCEA credits Fees free and subsidised transport costs
  • You'll be coached by industry professionals keen to share their expertise
  • An excellent opportunity to start learning real skills for your career
How you'll benefit Trades Academy makes a positive difference to your education and can be a great move for your future career.
  • Productively use your time by learning career based skills while achieving NCEA Level 2 
  • Stay enrolled at school and keep participating in the extra-curricular activities you enjoy like sport, music and cultural events
  • Allows you to make new friends
  • You can experience tertiary learning
  • Test a career path and see if it suits you
Pursuing something you enjoy and are passionate about increases the chances of being successful.

Subject Options

  • Animal Care
  • Construction Trades 
  • Trades Skills
  • Creative Technology 
  • Engineering and Automotive 
  • Early Childhood Studies 
  • Fitness 
  • Hair and Beauty Salon Support
  • Health Science 
  • Hospitality




ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Open entry to Year 12 or Year 13 students

ASSESSMENT: Level 2 & 3 Unit Standards

TOTAL CREDITS: 14 credits


Pathways to Employment is a programme that encompasses and supports Trades Academy students, Service Academy, Catering Academy, Gateway students, Work Experience students, Internship students, Vocational Pathways, students completing Level 2 NCEA and those students transitioning to Tertiary training or the world of work throughout the year. Attaining Level 2 represents the achieving of the National Public Service goal for New Zealand Secondary School students. This is a point at which students can transition into the world of work or further vocational training. The process of leaving school to engage with further education and training can be at any stage of the year. It should represent a purposeful continuation of a student’s development and training aspirations. Students will still be eligible to attend the end of year Prizegiving to receive their graduation certificate. Pathways to Employment supports students to develop the skills required to engage with the world of work. Students will be supported to develop a career plan and an academic pathway to achieve Level 2 NCEA. Students will undertake courses delivered by outside providers and spend time in workplaces either as an internship or as work experience. Upon completion of the programme, students will have evidence of employability skills that will attest to their ability to demonstrate the soft skills required to be successful in the world of work or further training.