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What to expect

Parents can expect:

  • Contact from the Learning Advisor both in person and through the student diary 
  • Access to any information held by the school including period absences, pastoral notes, incident reports and academic progress details not included on summary reports. This access can be gained either by contacting the College, or via a ‘parent portal’ link on the website
  • Regular homework
  • Prompt assistance from teachers, Whanau Head, Guidance and Health Counsellors or Senior Staff when there are concerns.

Students can expect:

Excellence in learning through:

  • Well ordered, safe, encouraging classrooms
  • Effective extension and remedial programmes
  • Close attention to marking, assessment, feedback and reporting
  • Recognition and celebration of achievement
  • The appropriate use of information technology.

Balanced, flexible programmes of study with:

  • A wide choice option structure
  • All senior courses linked to National Qualifications
  • Alternative pathways to cater for diverse student needs.

High behavioural expectations emphasising:

  • The rights of all students to feel safe at all times
  • Honesty and reliability with respect for self, others and property
  • Self management skills and initiative
  • Respect for and celebration of cultural diversity.

Guidance and pastoral care featuring:

  • An effective and committed guidance network, all fully trained in the use of restorative practice
  • The Rock and Water programme for all students in Years 9 and 10
  • Commitment to working closely with families
  • Full health care services
  • Links to community specialist services.

Sports and cultural activities promoting:

  • Participation, commitment and fair play
  • A wide and ever expanding range of choices
  • Excellence and pride
  • Parental and community involvement
  • Deepening of cultural understanding and engagement.