Topic:  Static Navigation links

Title (Select and replace the text on this page as desired)

This is a page template and a style guide for a temporary page on the website, (ie for information such as an exam timetable) that you navigate to to form the left hand changeable menu (hot topics).

If you want to create a permanent page, i.e.: one that will be shown in the temprot topic menu menu at the top of the page, please hit SAVE now (top right) then click MORE and choose change page template from the menu. From there you can select a permanent page template.  FYI: this Leader text format is sized at 16pt using the "normal" default font Open Sans). 

If the page you are creating is a temporary page, You can then choose the temporary content template.

FYI (again) The body test is 10 pt "normal" text (Open Sans). You can apply this style by selecting "normal paragraph text" in from the 'Format' menu under page title, above left

  • Please use bullet point and numbered lists in the format menu above 
  • Rather than inserting manual bullet points and indents

Heading (H2)

The heading style can be accessed using the 'Format' menu, which is under the page title above left. But if that's giving you issues please use 16pt bold Body text and colour it dark blue (second darkest blue).

Heading (H3)

The heading style can be accessed using the 'Format' menu to be found under the page title above left. You may colour this bolded heading bluered or black depending on what has been using before. 


Singe column pages are preferred but you may put the page into two columns if the text is made up of lists or lots of short sentences, or if you want more than one of the topics to be shown at the top of the page to highlight the info as important. To do this select layout in the top menu.

You can insert a horizontal line in between sections if desired, by selecting horizontal line form the  'Insert' menu, top left.