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Year 9 voices

Daniel - Year 9 Student 2013

posted 23 Jan 2013, 05:36 by Naenae College   [ updated 28 May 2013, 16:36 by christine.molineux@naenae-college.school.nz ]

Daniel Collins
My name is Daniel Collins. 
Well I have only been here for a short time but am already starting to see why students enjoy being here.  On my first day at Naenae College I was pretty nervous, but soon found there was nothing to be worried about.  The people here are friendly and interesting to talk to.
Sports are a good thing to be involved in.  I got to know other students and teachers and make new friends.  Believe me, it is a lot easier if you know people.  Having friends around the school is a good thing and at Naenae College it is easy to make good friends.  There are many interesting subjects for you to study.  Some of my favourite subjects are science, maths and of course P.E.  
Naenae College is a school rich with personality and a good atmosphere.  There are many opportunities to be taken and adventures to be had.  It is a great place to learn and make friends.

Kayla - Year 9 Student, 2013

posted 23 Jan 2013, 05:34 by Naenae College   [ updated 22 May 2013, 20:28 by christine.molineux@naenae-college.school.nz ]

As I entered through the front gates of Naenae College I had no idea of what to expect. We were warmly welcomed by teachers and fellow students. This made me feel more comfortable and I knew this was the college for me.  
Naenae College uses the Te Whanau Tahi concept which means one family. This includes all cultures and backgrounds into one big family and this is what makes Naenae College very unique from other colleges.  Naenae College has offered me a wide range of sporting activities and academic opportunities. I am involved in a large number of sports this includes tennis, netball, hockey and waterpolo. As a Year 9 student, I have already achieved 12 credits at Excellence in Level 1 Te Reo Maori.  Prior to attending Naenae College I was considering choosing another college but I now know that I chose the right path and I hope you do too. I would highly recommend Naenae College to any perspective student who wants to gain a great college experience.

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