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Our staff

Staff contact: All staff have email addresses in the following form:

Senior Leadership Team - 2017

Principal                                      Mr John Russell -

Acting Principal                         Mr Nic Richards -

Acting Deputy Principals       Ms Tania Campbell (Overview of Years 9 & 10)            

                                                      Mr Cornelios Floratos (Overview of Years 11 to 13) 

Heads of Faculties

Performing Arts, Art, Commerce & Technology
Social Science
Physical Education & Health
Careers Transition
Learning Support

Mr Martin Laing (Acting HOF)
Ms Esa Samani
Mrs Jan Stephen
Mr Gareth Johnson
Mr Johnny Zondagh
Ms Kiri Shaw
Mr Scott Maclean
Ms Rebekah Harman-Luke
Mrs Tamsin Davies-Colley (Special Needs Unit)

Other Curriculum Responsibilities

Arts – Visual
Food Technology
Maori Language
Performing Arts / Drama
Hard Materials Technology
to be appointed
Ms Angela Sellwood
Mrs Bernadette Coup
Mrs Ngaire McClutchie
Ms Megan McCarthy
Mr Len Lea

Guidance Staff

Guidance Counsellor
Amo Whanau Head
Koruru Whanau Head
Maihi Whanau Head
Tokomanawa Whanau Head

Mrs Kamaia Renata
Ms Tanwen Siencyn
Mr Misha Kravcenko
Mr James Reynolds
Ms Shiro Nippert

Student Support Staff

Gateway Coordinator
Sports Coordinator
Student Reception & Support Services

Student Centre/Data Administrator

Office Staff

Resource Manager
Principal's Personal Assistant
Accounts Officer
Property Manager
After Hours Security
Mrs Marie Wilton
Mrs Judy Waenga
Mrs Yvonne Manuel
Mrs Tania Karaitiana
Mrs Kim Spencer

Mrs Helen Hepburn
Mrs Trish Crowley
Mrs Te Ora Jennings 
Mrs Yvonne Harris
Mr Te Teira Davis
Mr Stefan Popov