Naenae College Charter & Vision Statement

Student Achievement

Student engagement and achievement is based on quality relationships consistent with our Values. Students set and achieve challenging personal goals. Student progress is regularly measured, monitored and reported to students and caregivers.  Achievement is consistently and deliberately recognised and celebrated. All students achieve at least NCEA Level 2 before leaving school.

Curriculum Content & Delivery

The curriculum is designed and reviewed annually to ensure successful pathways for all students.  Close attention is paid to the vision, principles, values and key competencies of the NZ Curriculum.  Students are taught in a culturally inclusive manner and the learning is a partnership between teacher and students (Ako – teacher as learner and learner as teacher). Appropriate technology is available and well used for effective 21st Century learning.



We have a strong relational foundation for school culture, working in a restorative manner as a first priority.  Students are challenged to give of their best in all situations and held accountable for their actions.  We teach our community how to live this way.  Moreover, our students have a sense of purpose and direction to their personal pathways.

Te Whanau Tahi

Our school has an atmosphere of cultural harmony and respect. We are proud to have ‘unity in diversity’. We first acknowledge the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa and our bicultural heritage and then we acknowledge the multi ethnic nature of the Tauiwi – all the rest of us who have arrived on these shores over the generations.  Everyone is important and valued and we learn from each other.  There is equity of outcomes for all.

Co Curricular Programmes

Our students show a high level of engagement and achievement across a wide range of co curricular experiences encompassing diverse sporting codes, arts, cultural activities and community service.  The participation of our students in these activities fosters quality performance, teamwork, leadership and pride.


We are the school of choice for our neighbourhood community.  The school’s roll reflects recognition in the wider community that the College has a real sense of purpose – that the school provides a truly balanced education, enhances social skills and is an environment that celebrates its diversity.  There is a recognised partnership with parents, students, staff and the wider community.


Naenae College is regarded as a great place to work by both teachers and support staff.  The positive working atmosphere is supported by effective communications, a commitment to on-going staff development and a culture of striving for high levels of performance to enhance student outcomes and well-being.  This is supported by an effective appraisal system for all staff.


Financial resources are targeted to meet the strategic goals of the school with a focus on improving learning outcomes for all students.  Quality standards of financial management and reporting are maintained at all levels.  Clear audits are achieved annually and the school lives within its means.

Property & Resources

Our clearly defined 10 Year property plan, developed with professional input, provides for a high standard of property maintenance, development and general care of the College’s buildings and facilities. There is a safe attractive environment suited to delivering quality 21st century learning. The overall appearance and attractiveness of the school reflects the sense of environmental pride achieved through the positive endeavour of all staff and students.  The grounds are well landscaped, planted and maintained.  Sports fields, courts, exterior spaces and courtyards meet the sporting, social and recreational needs of the school community.

Operational Framework

The leadership of the principal and the senior management team is instrumental in strengthening self-review and in implementing the strategic and annual plans – both of these documents are informed by the National Education Priorities.  The plans are turned into reality through the commitment and professionalism of the Naenae team supported by the practical alignment of professional development, departmental and personal performance plans.  ERO compliance expectations are met.