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This page features a series of tutorials to help you manage your website.

These are the topics covered.
  1. Your Google account overview and Products
  2. Managing pages and editing site content 
  3. Posting Announcements (notices)
  4. Lists pages, filing cabinets and gadgets 
  5. Slideshows, galleries and image management 
  6. Inserting Forms and managing Data
  7. Google Calendar features

1. Your Google account overview and Products

Topics covered:
Google Sites introduction
Your Site URL and Domain registration
Other Google products used in creating your site
Google profile
Signing in to your account

2. Posting an Announcement

Topics covered:
What is an announcements page?
Different ways viewing posts (annoucements) 
Through the News Hub page on the widget (summaries, intros)
– On the Announcements page (veiwing all posts)
– As a single post (single page on the site)
Creating a post
Edit mode & basic formatting, external links, email link,
Saving a draft
Recovering a draft
Inserting an image 
Publishing your post (save)
Page settings (important for security)
Deleting a Page
Integration with Social Media / RSS feeds

3. Slideshows, galleries and image management

Topics covered:
Signing into Picasa
Managing account Storage
Uploading images
Managing albums
        – Moving images between albums
        – Changing the order of images
Image privacy settings
Sharing images
Allowing others to upload to the album
Inserting single images
How to insert a slideshow Gadget into a Google site