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Multi-Cultural Day

Multi-Cultural Day is an annual celebration of the fantastic ethnic diversity of our school that includes national dress, a flag parade and staged cultural performances.

Here's one student's account on the significance of Multi-Cultural Day.

"Multi-Cultural Day is when all the different kinds of ethnic groups come along together from Naenae College to share what they do as a culture. Each culture is different and it's good to know some more about different ethnicities.

You get to see some extraordinary dances and performances on stage and other talents students want to share with us.

What's good about this? You see Te whanau Tahi developing on stage leadership skills with other students in their performances. Also you see students in their groups sharing there ideas and cooperating and supporting each other on stage.

You will witness the many different flags held by other students who come to our school . Every one is the same in our own way at NNC - that’s why I think multi-cultural day is "One Family Day."