Advice of online learning

Advice of online learning

Kia ora e te whānau

As many of you will be aware COVID cases are on the rise within our community. My thanks to parents and caregivers for your communication with the school and keeping us informed about the status of your whānau and children.

What is clear, is that more of our students are being required to self-isolate due to testing positive for COVID or the presence of COVID in their household.  This requires us to provide a way that learning can continue for students at home.

Please, understand that online learning means keeping our students connected with learning as best as we can. It is not about a wholesale shift to provide full-time online learning instead of being at school. It is a temporary measure to support connection and sustain learning. It will look different to a 6 ½ hour school day on site. It will also rely on connection and more self-management from students to engage with learning and complete tasks – we understand this. It is temporary while a student is required to be away from our site.

We will also continue with on-site delivery for students who are at school and for students who will return to school having recovered from COVID and/or have completed self-isolation periods. However, learning happens best when students are at school – it’s a contact sport!

Continuing with Learning

At Naenae College we have stood up Online Hybrid Learning over the last few weeks and it is important for you to know that:

·        Students can connect to Google classrooms for all their subjects. Classrooms will contain resources, activities and assessments. Students will need to be responsible for connecting and working if they are well enough.

·        Students who are sick are not expected to engage while they are sick. Please, rest and recuperate.

·        Our timetable remains the same while our delivery will be hybridized. This means students can connect with learning in the Google classroom and at times virtually to the physical classroom for their learning.

·        Students at school will continue with similar hybrid learning onsite.

·        Teachers may be away while they are recovering also. However, work will still be available.

·        Contact tracing is now about monitoring for symptoms not staying away – this is not a lockdown.


As a parent how do I find key information?

While most of our students are getting information from Instagram, both the NNC Students and NNC pages, detailed information is on our website. The Curriculum tab has Online learning information. The most recent updates are posted on our home page.