FAQ – Return-to-site Frequently Asked Questions

  1. At Alert Level 3 who can come back to school? 

Answer: In Alert Level 3, most children and young people will continue to learn from home, however, schools and early learning services are open for all children and young people in years 0-10 whose parents or carers need to go to work and there is no alternative person who can supervise them. There is also limited discretion for some senior secondary students to attend at a school’s discretion

2. Is my child required to wear a facemask? 

Answer: Public Health has closely reviewed their previous advice and affirmed there is no requirement to wear face coverings at Alert Level 3 in schools.
Those who choose to wear face coverings will continue to be supported to do so.

3. What does learning look like for my child if I need them to return to school?

Answer: ‘Schools bubbles’ will be formed, but on Public Health’s advice that they are to have no more than 10 children/students per bubble. Teaching staff are in addition to that number. Bubbles will undertake online learning on-site and appropriate afternoon activities to support well-being. The school day will be 8.45 am until 3 pm.

4. How do I let the school know my child is coming back to learn onsite?

Answer: Email the school admin@naenae-college.school.nz and let us know who is coming in.