PPTA Industrial Action advice to parents

Notice of strike action PPTA
Pursuant to Section 589 of the Education and Training Act 2020 I give notice of the following strike action.

Period of strike action
The strike action will begin at 7:00am on 4 May 2023 and will end at 11:59pm on 8 June 2023. The action will take place on the following days over that period.

Thursday 4 May – Year 11

Tuesday 9 May – Year 12               Thursday 11 May – Year 13

Tuesday 16 May – Year 9                Wednesday 17 May – Year 10

Thursday 25 May – Year 11

Tuesday 30 May – Year 13              Thursday 1 June – Year 12

Tuesday 6 June – Year 10                Thursday 8 June – Year 9

Nature of the action 
The nature of this action will be:

On the days notified above, students in the named year level, will not be taught or supervised by PPTA members. This includes teaching or supervision of the students that would otherwise be undertaken on or away from the school site.

For clarity, on the days notified above, teaching and supervision of other year levels not subject to the strike action will continue as normal.

It is acknowledged that it is the school board’s decision whether to tell students to stay home or not on the day that they are not being taught or supervised by PPTA members. (Naenae College students are to stay home when their year level is rostered home.)

Schools to be affected 
This notice applies to all schools with a Board bound by either the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement or the Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement. (Naenae College are bound by the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement.)