Report parent interviews instructions

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As you will no doubt be aware the College is holding parent/teacher interviews tomorrow. Included in this email is a video link to instructions on how to use Zoom.

The actual interview instructions will be posted on our College website tomorrow morning. Please follow our instructions tomorrow to ensure everything works.

Parent/Teacher interviews

Instruction guide

This year because of the Covid-19 Alert level 2 we will not be able to host our normal parent/teacher interviews in the hall. We have decided to run these meetings in 3 different formats:

1.       You can request the teacher calls you by phone

a.       Please give a time range that you will be available to take this call from the teacher (please email this request directly to your teacher, contact details are available on the college website)

b.       Please remember that the teacher may have many people to call so keep calls brief and to the point.

c.       Staff will endeavor to call you at the suggested time, if you are unable to take the call, they will try one more time. If you cannot take either call, they will not try again.


2.      You can join a Zoom meeting online (instructions for this are below). If you have never used Zoom before here is a video to watch to explain the basics of how it works.

Zoom instructional video

3.      You can email your child’s teacher with questions and they will get back to you via email.