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Our values

We absolutely embrace and celebrate our diversity. It is a rich learning opportunity for us all. Our overriding statement of value is summed up in the phrase ‘Te Whanau Tahi’ (The United Family). 

This is the name of our College Marae and our Kapa Haka group. We talk all the time about ‘unity in diversity’. We first acknowledge the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa and our bicultural heritage. Then we acknowledge the Multi cultural nature of the Tauiwi – all the rest of us who have arrived on these shores over the generations. Everyone is important and valued. Mutual respect is the cornerstone value. We have a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another.

We look to our students becoming people who:

  • Can cope with change and the demands of living in a complex society
  • Are questioning in their approach to issues, flexible in outlook and with a concern and respect for truth
  • Have strong feelings of self esteem and integrity
  • Can set realistic goals, meet challenges head on and aspire to high standards of performance and behaviour
  • Are prepared to work together and support one another.

We expect and will insist on high standards of behaviour, endeavour and achievement. There is no place at Naenae College for deficit thinking. That is, we do not dwell on students ‘lack of social capital’, ‘socio-economic status’ or any other perceived negative indicator. We focus our thinking and our heart commitment on realising the potential of our students. We recognise the cultural capital they bring which is diverse, rich and resilient. We learn with and from our students in a spirit of partnership. We embrace the concept of Ako – the reciprocity of teaching and learning. We have an absolute belief that we can make a difference and are doing just that.

Te Whanau Tahi
There is a richness and strength in this diversity of people. Our College Marae, Te Whanau Tahi (The United Family) is a constant reminder and challenge to all of us in dealing with the issues of bi-culturalism, and equity that are a part of our College, community and nation.

Restorative Practices
Restorative practice at Naenae College aims to put things right. It does this by following a process of inquiry where participants and their supporters are encouraged to speak freely and honestly about the incident that needs fixing. At Naenae College all of our pastoral network are trained in this process and use it daily in ‘growing’ relationships with students and their whanau.

We also run the Rock and Water Programme as part of our commitment restorative practice.

Charter and Vision Statement
Click to view the Naenae College Charter and Vision Statement.