Topic:  Student Services, Health & Wellbeing, Study Support

Health & Wellbeing

Kick Start Breakfast

Breakfast Club serves around 120 free breakfasts each week, and operates on every Wednesday and Thursday mornings for the 45 minutes before school starts. 
Each year 9 and 10 classes are rostered on each week to supply four willing helpers. On both mornings we offer cartons of Mega Milk, provided by Fonterra and Weetbix provided by Sanitarium. On Thursdays, in addition to this the school provides toast and jam and french toast or scrambled eggs. 

Thanks to our many volunteers who help make the Kick Start Breakfast programme a success.


VIBE Clinic
Naenae College runs a VIBE Health Clinic. This is a nurse‐led school clinic and is a free service available to all students. We are open Monday to Friday, and doctors appointments are available on Wednesday mornings.

Dental Clinic
Free basic dental care is available for adolescents from the start of college (School Year 9) up to their 18th Birthday.  Naenae College has a dental service on site until the end of Term 2.  The service is provided by Capital Dental.  Students are sent for daily and Mrs Marsh in the Student Centre has been working her way through students from Year 13 to Year 9.  If a student has not identified a current dentist on their enrolment form then they will be given an appointment.  If you child is complaining of tooth ache or you would like them to see the dentist urgently, please phone Mrs Marsh at the Student Centre on 5677175, ext 820.

Rock and Water
We use the Rock and Water programme at Naenae College to develop social skills, self-control, self-confidence and self-realisation for students and adults. The Rock and Water programme is also used in a multitude of ways including as a very effective anti-bullying tool, to help students with ASD and special needs develop confidence, body- and emotional awareness, and to develop positive, healthy education and work environments.
Support & Advice


My name is Kamaia Renata and I am the school Guidance Counsellor. 

As the school counsellor I am available to students, parents and staff and can be contacted by phone, email or more usually for the students, a note left at my door. Messages can also be left on my answer phone.   I will endeavour to make an appointment or contact you as soon as possible. 

What happens in Counselling?

In counselling you are helped to explore your difficulties and concerns, and to develop more satisfying and resourceful ways of living.

As a full member of the NZ Association of Counsellors and a professionally trained counsellor you can expect me to:

  • Be trustworthy.
  • Respect your confidentiality.
  • Listen to you carefully and sensitively.
  • Help you sort out how you would like things to be different.
  • Support you in changes you wish to make.

Parents often find it very useful to talk through issues on the phone and to use me as a resource person.  I also have a good knowledge of other agencies that may be of use.  Students who choose to see me will have appointments scheduled during different lessons so as to minimise the impact on their learning.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or would like further information on the services I can offer -

Kamaia Renata is available by appointment during the week. For an appointment, students need to fill in an appointment slip outside her office and slip it under her door, either during lunchtime or interval. Mrs Renata will send for students from class.

Drug and Alcohol Counselling
Counsellors from WellTrust are available if students need help with alcohol or drug issues. Students need to make an appointment through Mrs Renata.