COVID Alert Level 2 advice

COVID-19 Level 1 Face coverings update

COVID-19 update – Face coverings
18 February 2021
Kia ora koutou

Following the recent cases in Papatoetoe, the decision was made yesterday by Cabinet to require face coverings to be worn on public transport across New Zealand at Alert Level 1. This means that face coverings will be required on public transport at all alert levels. There is no change to the application of face coverings for schools.

Cabinet will review the decision on face coverings for public transport and our alert levels on Monday 22 February.

At Alert Level 1, as with Alert Level 2, face coverings must therefore be worn:

on all public transport, including on long-distance bus and train journeys and most ferries
on domestic flights throughout New Zealand
by taxi and ride-share drivers — while it’s not compulsory for passengers to wear them, they are strongly encouraged to.
Face coverings are not required at school or on any school transport. But they must be worn on all public transport, including by any school children aged 12 and over.

At any alert level, children, young people or teachers and other staff who want to wear face coverings at schools or early learning services may do so. They are entitled to make this decision and should not be criticised for doing so.

Public Health advice is that children under six should not wear face coverings in any setting.

There are also general exemptions for users of public transport, including for people where, for medical and health reasons, a face covering would not be appropriate, and small passenger vehicles such as taxis and Ubers (the drivers will be required to wear a mask).

Please go to our FAQs on our website for more information about face coverings in education settings.

A range of general information is available on the COVID-19 website:

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Iona Holstead

2021 Start of year Information

  • Thursday 21 January – School Office opens
  • Friday 29 January – Senior course confirmation – Years 11, 12 & 13
    9.00am        Year 13 students assemble in Hall then confirm courses in Library
    10.00am      Year 12 students assemble in Hall then confirm courses in Library
    11.00am      Year 11 students assemble in Hall then confirm courses in Library
  • Tuesday 2 February – Year 9 and new students only
    8.45: Students and their families should assemble at the main gate for the start of the 9.00am Pōwhiri
  • Wednesday 3 February – Year 9, 11, 12, 13 at school
    (no school for Year 10).
    8.45am    Y9 students to LAR Senior students to the Hall
  • Thursday 4 February – All students in school – 9.25am Start Time
    First day for Year 10 students who go to the Hall.  Other students to LAR
  • Friday 5 February All students in school
  • Monday 8 February – Waitangi Day
  • Tuesday 9 February – All students in school

2021 Year 9 enrolments

All year 9 enrolments for 2021 are due into the school office by Friday 18 September 2020.

COVID-19 updated 21 September

Kia ora koutou

COVID-19 update
21 September 2020
Kia ora koutou

As announced by the Prime Minister today, Auckland region will move to Alert Level 2 from 11.59pm Wednesday 23 September and the rest of New Zealand will move to Alert Level 1 from 11.59pm tonight. Key messages from the Prime Minister’s announcement are below.

School attendance remains a particular focus and there is a range of activity underway to help lift attendance including the Urgent Response Fund. Lowering the alert level settings should have our attendance back at pre-COVID levels. Please contact your regional office if you need support in this area.

Key messages from the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 announcement
10 things you need to know about Alert Level 1

Key messages from the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 announcement
The Prime Minister has advised the outcome of the review of alert level settings made by Cabinet today.

From 11.59pm Wednesday 23 September, Auckland will move to a full Alert Level 2 setting (no additional restrictions). This level will be in place for 14 days (1 transmission cycle).

The remainder of New Zealand moves to Alert Level 1 from 11.59pm tonight, 21 September.

Cabinet will meet again on Monday 5 October to review alert level settings. If New Zealand remains on track (continuing as we are now), the intention is for Auckland to also move to Alert Level 1 on Wednesday 7 October.

For those outside Auckland For air travel you are not required to wear a face covering, (if not travelling to, through or from Auckland), but you are encouraged to do so for your safety and the safety of those around you. Consider doing the same for all inter-regional travel.

For everyone Please continue to stay home if you are sick and get tested if recommended to do so.
Maintain good hygiene practices.

Scan into places through the NZ COVID Tracer app or keep a good record of where you have been, to support speedy contact tracing.
Full details can be found on the website.

10 things you need to know about Alert Level

1 Schools are open and must operate safely.
At Alert Level 1 the virus is contained in New Zealand but not overseas. We need to have systems and practices in place in case COVID-19 reappears in our community.
2 There are no restrictions on personal movement at Alert Level 1 – all children and staff should be at school.
The only people who will need to stay away are:
those required to self-isolate
individuals who health authorities have asked to stay away while waiting for a test result (most people will be able to go back to school/work while waiting for a result)
children, students and staff who are unwell.
3 Testing remains a crucial component in preventing an outbreak.
If a child or staff member is sick, they should stay home. If they have cold or flu symptoms they should call their doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice about getting tested. If recommended to get tested, they should do so.

4 Schools will close for cleaning and contact tracing if there is a confirmed case who was infectious when at school.
Your Director of Education will work closely with you and health authorities should this occur. Please contact your Ministry regional office if you hear of a confirmed case in your school community but haven’t been advised about it by health officials.

5 You must continue to support contact tracing through the display of QR Code posters and your visitor register, attendance register and timetable.
If a new case does appear in your community, your contact tracing processes will support the speedy identification of close contacts of the confirmed case. Please encourage your community to check-in using the NZ COVID Tracer app including when they are doing pick ups and drop offs.

6 There are no restrictions on numbers at gatherings.
Schools, like workplaces are not considered to be gatherings. Physical activities including cultural and sporting activities, practices and events can go ahead.

7 Fundamental public health measures continue to apply:
Hand hygiene
Cough and sneeze etiquette
Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces.

8 There are no restrictions on domestic travel.
People should avoid using mass transport if sick, awaiting a result from a COVID-19 test or required/recommended to self-isolate. Individuals travelling to, through and from Auckland by plane are required to wear a face covering.

9 Face coverings continue not to be required when in school.
This includes school transport and charter buses hired by the school to transport students and staff to and from school. Anyone who chooses to wear a face covering in any setting should be supported to do so.

10 Your Ministry regional office team is available to provide support.
Regional office contact details.
For more detailed information for Alert Level 1, please refer to our health and safety guidance on our website.

Report parent interviews instructions

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As you will no doubt be aware the College is holding parent/teacher interviews tomorrow. Included in this email is a video link to instructions on how to use Zoom.

The actual interview instructions will be posted on our College website tomorrow morning. Please follow our instructions tomorrow to ensure everything works.

Parent/Teacher interviews

Instruction guide

This year because of the Covid-19 Alert level 2 we will not be able to host our normal parent/teacher interviews in the hall. We have decided to run these meetings in 3 different formats:

1.       You can request the teacher calls you by phone

a.       Please give a time range that you will be available to take this call from the teacher (please email this request directly to your teacher, contact details are available on the college website)

b.       Please remember that the teacher may have many people to call so keep calls brief and to the point.

c.       Staff will endeavor to call you at the suggested time, if you are unable to take the call, they will try one more time. If you cannot take either call, they will not try again.


2.      You can join a Zoom meeting online (instructions for this are below). If you have never used Zoom before here is a video to watch to explain the basics of how it works.

Zoom instructional video

3.      You can email your child’s teacher with questions and they will get back to you via email.