Te Whare o te Atawhai

Naenae College Special Needs Unit

Special Needs Unit is an inclusive, co-operative, caring environment that encourages each student to “be the best that they can be”.

Our aims are to:

Help students grow to be  confident, caring young people able to face life outside of  College.

Use the wider school philosophies of Te Whanau Tahi and  Restorative Practice to encourage positive social interactions.

Help embrace and share their own diverse cultures through involvement in Multicultural Day.

Work closely with outside agencies for advice  and guidance re therapies and programmes:

  • Ministry of Education
  • SEA, SLT, OT, Physio, Behaviour Team
  • Police
  • Life Unlimited
  • IDEA Services
  • Disabled Resources Trust
  • CCS
  • Talklink
  • And others as necessary

Support ORS funded students ,and some non funded , in consultation with teachers, Senior Leadership Team and families.

Individual Education Plans

IEP’s—Individual Education Plan meetings are held twice a year, in Term 1 to set goals and Term3 to review and set new goals as appropriate. We include the family, Ministry personnel, teachers and other agencies as required.


MAIN SCHOOL opportunities are offered as   appropriate for individual students. Students are encouraged to achieve credits towards NCEA.

SPEC: South Pacific Education Courses are offered at all levels and cover key competencies:

  • Thinking
  • Relating to Others
  • Managing Self
  • Participating & Contributing
  • Using Language, Symbols & Texts

We are working towards:

  • NZ Cert. in skills for Living for Supported Learners.
  • Cert. in Key Competency Development.


Our students take part in LAR (Learning Advisor Roopu) and whole school events e.g. Tabloid Sports and Multicultural Day.

  • ART

Senior students master life skills to assist their transition into the wider community.  This Includes money-handling, digital technology, accessing community and appropriate social skills and behaviours.

College Sport Wellilngton

Activities available for our students include:

Athletics, Swimming, Football, Cross Country, Basketball, 10 Pin Bowling

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

EOTC is an important part of our curriculum.  We have an activities week at the end of the year. Some of our outside visits to enhance the theme topics have included Te Papa.


With agency help we explore ways for students to communicate—photo board, Go Talk boards.

An increasing number of students are using assistive technology (e.g.  i-pads) to enhance their communication and academic achievement.

We always celebrate birthdays.

Pot Luck Dinner/Prize-giving: An awesome way to finish a year and celebrate success.

We encourage our students to be as independent as possible.  Senior students are encouraged to mentor Junior students.