SchoolBridge Application

We are excited to launch SchoolBridge to our community. This includes a web-based version and an app for both IOS and Android phones. The tools available through this application will improve our ability to communicate with you and for you to access information.

Benefits for caregivers will include:

1. Single sign-on
2. Access to school notices
3. Emergency alerts and free notifications
4. Fast absence reporting
5. News and newsletters
6. Online permissions slips (coming later in the year).

Benefits for students will include:

1. Timetable viewing
2. School notices and alerts
3. Access grades and reports.

Steps from here:

  1. Simply follow the instructions above to download the app
  2. Sign in as a caregiver using the email address you provided on enrolment or as a student using your school email address
  3. View timetable in order to purchase stationary or prepare for the year.