Web Parent Portal update information

Kia ora ē te whānau

As previously advised, KAMAR is planning to release an update to the Web Portal during Term Two. They are aiming to release this on Wednesday of Week One. Here’s a reminder of the changes that you can expect in it.

Force Password Change
Caregiver Passwords
This update will force caregivers to update their passwords. If caregiver passwords are visible in KAMAR, the caregiver will be forced to update their password when they first log onto the Web Portal after the update. On first login, they will be taken to the “Change Password” screen and be forced to change the password to one of their own choosing (in accordance with the new password complexity rules).

Student Passwords
This update will allow students to change their password when previously you may have disabled this option, however, they will not be required to do so. In a future update, we plan to add some features that will make the management of security for student passwords easier. We appreciate that some students will not be able to adequately manage their own passwords. So rather than forcing all students to change their passwords, the College will be able to control which year levels will have this requirement. Additionally, the College will be able to override this requirement for specific students.

This means that students will benefit from these security improvements, without (for example) expecting young children or students with particular needs to manage complex passwords.