Lockdown lifted

Lockdown lifted 11:10am Tuesday 27 February 2024

This morning the College was advised by the New Zealand Police to go into lockdown. Following protocol, we immediately put the school into lockdown and advised the community via text message, SchoolBridge and our website.

The lockdown has now been lifted, all students and staff are safe and the school day has resumed.

I would like to thank the students and staff for acting so quickly and calmly when alerts were issued.

Also, I would like to remind the community not to contact the school during a lockdown, our phone lines need to remain clear for communication with the Police. You are also advised not to collect your child from school as this may potentially put yourself and your child in danger.

If you have questions or feedback in regard to the lockdown and our procedures and communications please contact us via email admin@naenae-college.school.nz

Chris Taylor